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Exclusive Services

Environmental Assessment

and Remediation

To evaluate and resolve concerns

associated with air, land and water

quality, including subsurface

conditions, wetlands delineation

and resource management, we assist

clients by designing sampling plans

and remedial programs, selecting

cleanup technologies, preparing

comprehensive findings reports,

and managing the permitting process.  

We provide expert witness testimony

as well.

Transactional Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence takes

many forms, from Phase 1

environmental site assessments to

evaluation of multi-site portfolios. 

Due Diligence involves analysis of

environmental liability and critical

business decision-making.  

Environmental Advocates has

supported thousands of these

transactions across the country.  

Building Services and 
Industrial Hygiene

We apply our broad experience with

a wide range of building types and

ages to respond to our clients’ needs.

We provide a range of analytical

services, consulting and litigation

support so that our clients can better

anticipate, recognize, prevent,

evaluate, and control occupational

injuries and diseases. We partner to

meet our client’s regulatory needs

when purchasing, maintaining,

selling, renovating, or demolishing

a structure, and we work discreetly

whenever possible to minimize

impacts to ongoing operations.

Geotechnical Engineering

We provide engineering design and

construction services for

foundations, tunnels, dams,



marine/waterfront facilities,

bridges, highways, railroads,

airports, various building

developments, and temporary

underground structures. 

Site/Civil Engineering,
Design & Demolition

We have developed and delivered comprehensive civil engineering

services to clients with a wide

variety engineering needs.

Health and Environmental
Risk Assessments

The evaluation of human health risk

and ecological impacts is conducted

by a diverse group of technical

specialists within our team.  Our

professionals consisting of

biologists, toxicologists, and public

health professionals work closely

with professionals from other

disciplines, including geologists,

meteorologists and engineers, in

determining the nature and

distribution of contaminants in the

environment or workplace.

Sustainable Energy

Our Team provides innovative

energy solutions for communities

and individual facilities.

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